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Speech Therapy



My name is Angie Barefield and I am the Speech Therapist at Newton Elementary School and Southdale Middle School. I have been at Newton for 22 years as the Speech Therapist, but I have also worn a few more hats......AR Chairperson, Intervention teacher, helped with Remedial Reading, Car Line Name Caller, etc. I also started substitute bus driving about 2 years ago!!!

I graduated from Dale County High School as the Salutatorian in 1988 and started my college days at Wallace College in Napier Field. I decided to become a Speech Pathologist after someone on a game show said they were a Speech Pathologist, and I researched it and thought "I want to be a teacher, but not have the same students All Day, Every Day"!!  After being a lifelong Alabama fan I transferred to Auburn (because it was closer and I knew more people there). 3 years later I left Auburn with a Bachelor's in Speech Pathology, a Master's Degree in Audiology, and ORANGE and BLUE running through my veins!!!!

My first few years post college years were spent working at several Doctor's offices as an Audiologist (hearing specialist), but in 1998 I was offered the job to be the Speech Therapist at Newton. I have been here since then and have LOVED it!!! I know I'm getting old because I'm having children of some of my former students in my speech classes!!!

I am not married and don't have any biological children...….but I have many children that I have helped raise over the years. My mom has been living with me since October of 2019 when her house (my childhood home) burned down. I have a younger brother and sister who live within 5 miles of me. I have 2 nephews and 3 nieces that I ADORE!!!!  I am the Choir Director and Song Leader at my church. I also have a lawn care business on the side. 

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