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2017/2018 School Supply Lists



*1   small plastic school supply box

   4   folders with prongs and pockets (yellow, red, blue, green)

   3   one subject spiral notebooks (Please buy the cheap 

         primary colored notebooks)

   1   large pack of regular, skinny pencils

   1   clear pencil pouch (This will be used for their Home-School

          Communication binder)

   2   Expo dry erase markers

   2   boxes of  regular-sized Crayola crayons (8-count)


   4   boxes  regular-size Crayola crayons (24-count)

*1    pair Fiskars blunt-point scissors

   2   bottles of Elmer’s glue (4 oz)

   2   Elmer’s glue sticks

*1    backpack (book bag) (NO WHEELED BAGS!

        They are too large to fit into the Children’s cubbies)

  4    rolls of paper towels

  1    box of tissue

  1    bottle of liquid soap

  1    bottle of germ-x

  2    containers of  baby wipes

  1    container of Clorox wipes

*1   Clear View 1 inch 3-ring blinder (The binder needs to

        have the Clear View sleeve on the outside.)

   1   box of quart sized Ziploc bags (boys only)

   1   box of gallon Ziploc bags (girls only)

Please put only your child’s name on the items listed above that have an asterisk (*) out beside it

1st Grade


4     boxes regular-size crayons (24-count)

1     large pkg. #2 regular pencils (15-20 count)

1     large bottle of Elmer’s School Glue

4     Glue sticks

1     pair of blunt-edged Fiskar scissors

2     large rolls of paper towels

2     large boxes of Kleenex

1     container of antibacterial wipes (Clorox or Wet Ones)

1     backpack (Bookbag)

1     pack of Crayola Markers classic colors

1     small plastic school (pencil) box

2     large erasers

1     flexible Ruler

1     bottle of hand sanitizer

4     (GIRLS) RED VINYL folders with pockets & prongs

4     (BOYS) BLUE VINYL folders with pockets & prongs

 1     large box of quart-size zip lock bags

 1     2-pack box of dry erase markers (Not permant)


Please label all supplies with student’s name. Especially coats and sweaters.


2nd Grade


  2     Crayola crayons (24-count)

*1     ruler with inches and centimeters

   3     pkg.  #2 wooden pencils

*1     bottle of Elmer’s glue

   2     pkg. wide -ruled notebook paper

   2     composition notebooks

*1     school box (Small)

*1     pair of scissors

  3     folders with pockets

  6     rolls of paper towels

  3     large boxes of Kleenex

*1     pencil sharpener with cover

  2     containers of Clorox Wipes

  1     Box of Ziploc storage bags

  2     bottles of Liquid hand soap

*1     backpack (No Rolling backpacks)

  2     bottles  of Germ-x

  4     VINYL folders with pockets and prongs


Please put your child’s name on all items with an asterisk (*).


4th Grade

2     pkg. Loose leaf paper

2     pkg. #2 pencils

1     1 inch 3-ring notebook to hold papers (NO TRAPPER-KEEPERS)

1     plastic zipper bag to hold pencils, etc. to go in 3-ring  


1     pack subject dividers (WITH subject tabs)

5     pocket folders w/prongs

2     red pen or pencil for checking work

1     flexi  ruler with inches and centimeters

1     pack colored pencils for maps

2     24-count box Crayola crayons

1     pair of sharp-pointed scissors

1     bottle of Elmer’s school glue

1     small school box to hold extra supplies

3     rolls of paper towels

2     containers of Clorox wipes or 409 wipes

1     backpack

1     pack water-based magic markers with base colors (8PK)

2     boxes of Kleenex

6     composition notebooks  2 with grid (No Spiral Notebooks)

2     yellow highlighters

1     pocket dictionary


Please label all supplies with student’s name, especially coats and sweaters.




6th Grade

1     1 inch 3-ring notebook

1     1-subject  spiral notebook

6     Composition Notebooks (not spiral)

3     Packs of  wide-rule notebook paper

1     Two-pocket folder-solid color

1     Two-pocket poly folder

1     Pair of sharp student scissors

2     Red pens

1     pkg. #2 pencils (10-12) count-regular or mechanical

2     Packs of  colored pencils

1     Pack water-based markers with basic colors 

1     Small school box for supplies

2     Large boxes of Kleenex

4     Rolls of paper towels

1     4 oz. bottle of Elmer’s school  glue, white only

4     Glue sticks

1     Bottle of liquid hand soap

1     Backpack - no duffle bags

1     Containers of Clorox wipes

1     Bottle of hand sanitizer

1     Plastic zipper pencil bag for notebook
































































































































































3rd Grade

1    pack colored pencils

3     packs Wide-rule notebook paper

2     boxes  of Crayola crayons (24-count)

2     One inch 3-Ring Binders with Clear View sleeve on the


2     packs  #2  wooden pencils

1     small pencil sharpener with cover

1     pair of Fiskars Scissors

3     Elmer’s Glue Sticks

1     Bottle of Elmer’s Glue, white only

1     zippered supply pouch

2     red ball-point pens

2     Large boxes of Kleenex

6     rolls of Paper  Towels

1     regular book bag  (NO ROLLING  BOOKBAGS)

2     containers  of Clorox Wipes

1     large bottle of Hand Sanitizer

1     large bottle of hand soap

2     yellow highlighters

1     lined composition notebook (no spirals)

1     NES “daily Planner” to be purchased after school begins

Please label all supplies with first & last name, especially coats and sweaters.   No Trapper Keepers, Rolling Bookbags, large binders, or large pencil boxes.  These items will be  sent back home due to lack of storage space.

5th Grade

  3    Pkgs. Wide-Rule Notebook Paper

  4    Glue Sticks

  1    pkg. #2 pencils (Regular or Mechanical is fine)           

  1    4 oz. Bottle Elmer’s  glue

  2    Pkg. Colored Pencils

  1    Small School Box

  2    Red Ink Pens

  1    Pair Scissors (Fiskars Brand)

  1    3-Ring Binder                                            

  1    Spiral Composition Notebook

  1    Plastic Zipper Pencil Bag

  6    Composition Books (No Spirals)

  1    2-Pocket Folder (Solid Color Please)

  1    2-Pocket Poly-Folder (Vinyl Covered)

  1    Pkg. Water-Based Magic Markers

  1    Backpack (No duffle bags please)

  2    Boxes  Kleenex Tissues

  4    Rolls Paper Towels

  1    Bottle Liquid Hand Soap

  1    Bottle Hand Sanitizer

  1    Container  Clorox Wipes


Please label all supplies with your child’s name, especially coats and sweaters.